WE Consulting (WE) is a full-service consulting firm dedicated to supplying spa and wellness solutions specific to a client’s environment. WE collaborate with developers, owners, and operators throughout the hospitality industry to position brands to capture revenue dollars in the rapidly growing wellness industry. Our experience and expertise in spa development and wellness tourism provoke WE to provide services from concept to completion. Multiple levels of service include a la carte services or comprehensive solutions with roadmaps to expand your enterprise. Through our collaborative business model, WE deliver the best results for your project. Let us create your path to wellness together. 


Claiming your niche in the spa and wellness industry should be a thoughtful process. WE serve as your guide to self-discovery and the results from this exercise with information and data provided by local, national, and international resources. WE elevate the uniqueness of your destination and local elements to present a sustainable concept to achieve maximum profitability.


Advancing your destination as an extraordinary wellness experience will connect you with a flourishing wellness tourism market. Together WE will work to align your enterprise with the environment, culture, and community to create a brand story unique to your destination. WE draw on extensive relationships with local practitioners, suppliers, artisans, and business partners to uniquely position your location to capture wellness travelers while appealing to local clientele. 


Successful new ventures are contingent on proper planning derived from research. Our studies include site analysis, market research, space planning, and financial projections. WE understand that you need to be sure from the outset that you are on a profitable path to creating something that is unique for your customers. Together WE develop workable plans with a solid foundation to build your business.


Creating exceptional mind and body experiences in the ever-changing world of spa and wellness requires an understanding of your clients’ expectations. By combining traditional rituals and emerging technologies, WE develop an authentic and innovative program that speaks to your property, environment, and clients. WE create memorable guest experiences tied directly to your brand identity.


For more than 20 years, WE have developed global relationships in the spa and wellness industry. WE continue to grow and maintain a database filled with certified, highly qualified, viable professionals to ensure the perfect cultural fit for your destination, location, and brand. Retaining top talent requires investment in your employee’s careers. WE provide ongoing training programs and certifications tailored to your property to engage and inspire your team to create quality service and experiences for guests.


Offering a variety of products through careful curation and thoughtful merchandising maximizes your revenue. WE consider your programming, brand identity, layout, and consumers when developing spa and wellness boutiques. This mix by design maximizes earnings for your designated retail space. 


Creating peace of mind for your customers begins with a solid operational model for your leaders and frontline staff. Fostering an atmosphere where employees feel appreciated and supported will build a team who actively seek to bring value to your clientele. WE give you the tools to fashion an environment poised to develop employees who are inspired to care for your customers.


Engaging the wellness traveler and highlighting your destination through smart marketing is essential to success. WE develop a path for your brand to be a prominent leader in trade and consumer publications, driving the wellness consumer directly to your property.  Your property should be recognized by the travel trade media.  WE will ensure you are at the top of every list.


Your property is a unique oasis of wellness and rejuvenation. Developing wellness retreats and programs for your property entices the high-yield wellness traveler during the off-season and will result in valuable media exposure. WE create unique retreats through collaboration using your brand identity, local experiences, and environment. WE also have access to a host of international wellness practitioners that seek to partner with your property and drive additional revenue.